Welcome to Thunder Ridge Publishing. My name is Cyn Taylor. I am a TRP author and the CCO (Chief Content Officer) for the company. TRP is a faith-based, female owned, staffed and operated entity with a main goal of assisting unknown and new writers achieve their dream of becoming published authors. We have freelance editors and graphic designers on staff to help each individual author as needed. Our authors are free to design their own covers and edit their own books, or use the expertise of those who are aligned with TRP. Authors and TRP affiliates are free to work out their own charges and payment arrangements and TRP never takes a cut.
TRP will assist you as much or as little as you want in getting your book to Amazon, with no up-front fee. When your TRP published book sells on Amazon, TRP will retain the first $100 in net earnings and 50% of all net earnings after the first $100. You will retain all rights to your book/books and may request TRP remove them from Amazon should a better opportunity come along for you as an author. For full details on publishing with TRP and contract specifics contact thunderridgepublishing@gmail.com.

Cyn Taylor's First book "Blue Mountain Sky" hit Amazon in 2016, as part of the Smoky Mountain Mist series. Book two, "Red Morning Glory" was released in 2017. Book three, "Dawn's Gray Light" hit the shelves April 5, 2018.

The follow-up series Smoky Mountain Magic is in the works. Book One in that series, "Truffles & Kisses" was released July 2019 and is available exclusively from Amazon or from the author.

Book One in the Smoky Mountain Christmas Magic novella series, "A Cove Creek Christmas," was released April 2019 and is available exclusively from Amazon or from the author.

Taylor has released her first children's book titled "Theodore the Dancing Christmas Horse" under the pen name of LeNai LaRue. It is also available exclusively from Amazon or from the author.

They're Ready!

Thanks so much to my readers for patiently waiting! Some of you have already realized that my first novella, A Cove Creek Christmas and Saluria by C. M. Brogan, are now available on Amazon and have made the purchase. Saluria sold 10 copies in the first few hours making it TRP's best seller speed-wise to date. Thank you! Please leave a review of Cove Creek and Saluria if you can make the time.
For those who didn't realize these books were available, they are. As always, I appreciate your purchase! My readers are the BEST!

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