Author Brooke Cox

Author Brooke Cox describes herself as an old tomboy who never finished growing up, as well as a creative person who loves fun and adventure. She says that thanks to the good Lord’s use of Snoopy, she developed a love for stories at a young age.
Cox is published in short stories, poetry, skits, and novellas. Her first book earned her a spot as a 2016 Selah Awards Finalist for debut novel, and recognition on the 2016 Inspy Mystery/Thriller long list.
Her second book, Saucy Southern Stories, is published by Thunder Ridge Publishing as their first outside author and takes her yarns back to her country roots and her first love of storytelling. Saucy Southern Stories is a compilation of Cox’s wit and discloses her personality as a quirky teller of tales. Cox often shares her humor in the public realm with appearances at local venues, and says being a storyteller is in her heart. Saucy Southern Stories II is now available.
Cox is married to her childhood sweetheart, Tim, and they have one daughter, Sara. The couple recently celebrated thirty-six years together and claims a bevy of canines as part of their family history.
Brooke's books can be purchased on Amazon.