Dinosaur Eggs

You never know what might happen when three friends set off on an adventure. Especially when one is a scaredy-cat, one is close to fearless and one is learning to rely on faith to overcome obstacles. Throw in a bully, an ally-turned-villain, and a heavy dose of T-Rex, and the adventure turns into the quest of a lifetime.
It all starts when Tim finds some odd looking rocks in his friend’s yard. He feels like they’re special. Looking for answers, he grabs one of the rocks and takes it to school in his backpack. When the rock starts to move on its own, Tim seeks the expertise of a favorite teacher to figure out if the rock is more than just a rock.
When that teacher turns out to be more adversary than helper, Tim looks to his two closest friends for aid. In the end, Tim discovers he can’t lean on his friends, his teacher, or even his family to defeat an evil force. He must rely on his own abilities, and his new-found faith. A dark power threatens to take them all out of the present, and time is running out for any possibility of a future.