Review and Win!

Okay. Have a seat with your coffee/tea. This is a longer post than usual so I hope you stay with me.

Reviews Help Authors - A Lot! Even a child could do it. Well, some children.

So, why don't people write reviews when they finish a book? Perhaps readers don't realize how vital reviews are to an author's career. Many aren't sure what to say. It's possible readers think a book already has enough reviews. Or maybe some readers don't know how to post a review.

Here is a generic sample of a “good” review that works for almost any book.

"The author knocked this story out of the park. My interest was piqued on the first page and the flow of the story stayed on point. Highly recommend."

That’s it. You don’t need to write a story of your own, or even a paragraph, to post a review. But if that seems appropriate to you, please do. Feel free to copy and paste the review above, then add your own words to it. You can also copy and paste your own review from Amazon to post on fb, twitter, Instagram, Barnes and Noble, Books a million, Goodreads and any other site you want to post on.

It takes about 5 minutes or less to post a review on Amazon. If you're not sure how, here's a short video that can walk you through it.

Here are some of the reasons to help your author friends by posting a review of their book/books.

Promotional outlets, like BookBub, require a large number reviews for a book to be considered for promotion.

After a book obtains a certain number of reviews, Amazon will promote it in the “also bought” area.

After even more reviews, Amazon spotlights books in its newsletter – This is HUGE!

Readers often make book purchases based on the reviews they read.

Reviews help push rankings on Amazon.

Reviews help authors sell more books.

Reviews can help authors get their books into bookstores.

Readers who write reviews are often more likely to tell their friends about a book they’ve read.

Now to the good part of this post. Amazon frowns on authors giving away books in exchange for reviews. Because of that, I am sponsoring a giveaway of something else.

I am asking that you, my readers, leave a review on Amazon, and any other sites, (those listed above or others you use) for one or both of my current books, “Blue Mountain Sky” and “Red Morning Glory.” When you do that, send me an email with the name you used to post the review/reviews and where you posted it, or send me the direct link. The more reviews you post, the more times your name will be entered for the drawing.

You can enter as many times as you post. One review on Amazon=1 entry. Review another book=2 entries. Post on an additional site=3 entries. Each time I verify a post I will enter your name for a drawing for these lovely prizes. For my male readers, (yes, I do have some) this would be a fun gift for your sweetheart.

To make it even easier, if you click on the photo below it will take you directly to my Amazon page. I'm trying to make it as easy as possible.

When I verify you have left the review, I will enter you in a contest to receive a gift package from me.

The prize package contains a gorgeous teal purse, a Kindle Bold Standby Pro pink case that fits the Kindle Fire HDX 7”, a silver/ turquoise necklace, a cute shoe key ring and a set of bird photo holders. PLUS a $15 iTunes gift card! (Delivered electronically) Any of these would make a good gift if it isn't something you want for yourself.

If posting a review just sounds like too much work, I'm hoping this gift package encourages you to do it anyway and makes up for your time spent. To date I have sold more than 200 copies between the two books. If you look at the reviews the number is WAY less. I am hoping to garner at least 50 reviews for each book with this contest. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading to the end. Hope your day is wonderful, and you consider leaving reviews!