You guys are awesome!

I just found out that my readers (you guys) purchased a total of thirty-five of my two books during my publisher’s Christmas special so I wanted to say that you guys are awesome!

As a special thank you to my readers, I am having another giveaway just for you. If you bought “Blue Mountain Sky” when it was on sale but don’t have “Red Morning Glory” now is your chance to get the eBook free. All you have to do is send me an email with your vote.

“What am I voting for?” You ask. Well . . . while my family was in for Christmas we had a cookie-decorating contest. Our grandchildren range in age from 5 years old to 16 and all of them loved this new tradition. Even the adults joined in. (Mostly to sample)

We separated into groups and each group decorated the cookies any way they wanted. I have posted the pix here. Vote for cookie group #one or cookie group #two by sending me an email with your selection. I have made it SUPER easy to vote. Just click on the photo of your choice and it will take you to my email. Then tell me which group you think has the best decorations.I'll tell you after the vote who decorated which group of cookies.



I’m sure many of you are still enjoying/recuperating from Christmas so I am giving you through January 2, 2018 to vote. On January 3, my husband will draw a name from those who entered and I will send your free eBook of “Red Morning Glory” that day via email. I will also post the winner's name on my blog.

BTW, I want to say a hearty welcome to my new friends from the UK and Australia. (I know some consider Australia part of the UK but others do not.) It is so fun to know that I have readers that far away!

Again, thanks so much for your love and support throughout the holiday season and a Happy New Year to you all.