Author C. M. Brogan

Thunder Ridge Publishing has released its second novel. Saluria by C. M. Brogan, is now available on Amazon and sold 10 copies in the first few hours making it TRPs fastest selling book to date!
Saluria is the first victory path adventure book by C.M. Brogan written in the style of the choose your own adventure books from the 1980s and 1990s. There has been a recent resurgence of this type of book and Saluria is one of the best.
The book takes the reader on an adventure where they can choose their own path. The catch is, there is only one true path to complete your quest successfully. The other paths, well, try not to make the wrong choice! This book is rated 3 out of 3 for difficulty in completing your quest on the first try. You must think, when given choices, "What would a hero do?"
Saluria is geared to middle grades but a seven year old recently got hooked on it. If you have children age seven to about fifteen, please consider giving this book a try. I guarantee your kids will love it. This would make a great gift if you know kids with a birthday coming up soon too. Might even get them away from screens for a while!

C.M. Brogan is a Knoxville, Tennessee, native currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama. She holds bachelor degrees in English and Education and has work published in several periodicals and journals. During the day she teaches English and Illustration Arts to middle school students. The rest of her time is devoted to loving her husband and raising her four children. Her YA novel, Genesis was re-released by TRP in February 2020 and is available on Amazon Kindle.