Back at Last!

Hello again my lovelies.
It has definitely been a minute. Sorry about the radio silence.
My hope is that all of you survived 2020 without sustaining too much hurt.
I personally know many who did not. Including some of our own friends and family.

Christmas in July

This is my first blog since March when Covid-19 hit and I gave away a ton of free books. It made me very happy that so many of you took advantage of the freebies while a lot of us were shut-ins.
If your job required that you work through that time, and still, I appreciate your sacrifice, no matter what field you are working in.

They're Ready!

Thanks so much to my readers for patiently waiting! Some of you have already realized that my first novella, A Cove Creek Christmas and Saluria by C. M. Brogan, are now available on Amazon and have made the purchase. Saluria sold 10 copies in the first few hours making it TRP's best seller speed-wise to date. Thank you! Please leave a review of Cove Creek and Saluria if you can make the time.
For those who didn't realize these books were available, they are. As always, I appreciate your purchase! My readers are the BEST!

Love at the Lighthouse

Hello again. It's been so long since I posted I'm sure many of you thought one of my characters had come to life and done away with me. Fortunately, that can only happen in books. Life is just waaaaay too busy, right?

SO . . . a funny thing happened on the way to book number one in the Smoky Mountain Magic Series Truffles & Kisses. Apologies to all who have been anxiously awaiting that book. It's still in process and coming, just a bit later than planned.

Surprise! We have a Winner

A big Thank You to all who dropped by my table at the Union County Heritage Festival last Saturday. It was a successful day!
Congratulations to Faith W. Faith attended my book signing last Saturday at the Union County Heritage Festival and registered for the door prize. Faith is the lucky winner of a lovely travel jewelry case and a Lexar 16GB 2.0 Jumpdrive. I will be emailing Faith to let her know.
Have a great Monday Y'all!

New winners & other news!

Stay with me. There is a lot to tell you. When I posted my last blog I was excited and nervous about an upcoming speaking engagement in Alabama. Well, that is over and was not nearly as terrifying as I'd expected. I spoke to more than 100 third grade students about my numerous careers but focused on that of a photojournalist and author. Their attention and response was overwhelming! I couldn't fit them all in one photo, but here is a montage pic of some of their thank you letters they sent after I was back home.

New winners & other news continued!

Now this is important! As you may remember, I have been conducting a contest looking for recipes to post in my upcoming book Truffles & Kisses. I decided to allow for two categories and am happy to announce that I have two winners! First of all, thanks to all who entered. And the winners are:
In the category of Appetizers I chose a recipe for Caprese Layer Dip submitted by Button. In the Sides category I chose a recipe for Baked Fried Taters submitted by Brooke. Congratulations guys!

You guys are awesome!

I just found out that my readers (you guys) purchased a total of thirty-five of my two books during my publisher’s Christmas special so I wanted to say that you guys are awesome!

As a special thank you to my readers, I am having another giveaway just for you. If you bought “Blue Mountain Sky” when it was on sale but don’t have “Red Morning Glory” now is your chance to get the eBook free. All you have to do is send me an email with your vote.

Last day to vote

This is it guys. Last day to vote for the cookie group of your choice. Voting ends at midnight tonight Eastern time.

I'm thrilled that I have to state the time zone now because I have gained so many readers and new friends from not only out of state, but out of country. When I decided to write, this is a side benefit that I never considered and I am thrilled to have all of you in my life!

Cookies for lunch

My sweet hubby seemed a bit down today. The winter weather here in Tennessee has him somewhat captured inside. It’s cold, damp, cloudy and under thirty degrees. A few pieces of snow scuttle by the windows every so often, but they’re just kidding. I know because I see them lean toward each other, whisper, and then I hear them laugh right before they disappear. They know they'll never amount to anything, but they keep it a secret between themselves. Put your head outside next time it snows in pieces and listen. You'll see.

Review and Win!

Okay. Have a seat with your coffee/tea. This is a longer post than usual so I hope you stay with me.

Reviews Help Authors - A Lot! Even a child could do it. Well, some children.

So, why don't people write reviews when they finish a book? Perhaps readers don't realize how vital reviews are to an author's career. Many aren't sure what to say. It's possible readers think a book already has enough reviews. Or maybe some readers don't know how to post a review.

Here is a generic sample of a “good” review that works for almost any book.

And I'm back!

I have been waiting a while to write this blog and I am so happy to finally be able to let you know about my re-launch of “Blue Mountain Sky,” the first book in my Smoky Mountain Mist series.

I have been granted the rights from MRP, my original publisher. The book is back for sale under Thunder Ridge Publishing on Amazon in the Kindle store and will soon be available in paperback once again as well. I have updated the story and have an amazing new cover designer, Rachel Rhule. If you have time, go check it out by clicking on the cover above. Didn't she do an amazing job?!