New winners & other news!

Stay with me. There is a lot to tell you. When I posted my last blog I was excited and nervous about an upcoming speaking engagement in Alabama. Well, that is over and was not nearly as terrifying as I'd expected. I spoke to more than 100 third grade students about my numerous careers but focused on that of a photojournalist and author. Their attention and response was overwhelming! I couldn't fit them all in one photo, but here is a montage pic of some of their thank you letters they sent after I was back home. Reading what they wrote made all the work to get there and have a presentation ready worthwhile. And a special thanks to my daughter Christa who supported me by backing me up in each classroom and who helped (rather I helped her) put together my slide presentation for the students.
I removed the student names to protect their privacy but aren't these adorable! They all had letters inside and were very complimentary. I especially love the drawing of me making my presentation. I'm skinny!