Theodore the Dancing Christmas Horse The Story of Patches Book One

One Christmas, a little stuffed horse learns a valuable lesson after being loved, then abandoned; that not all people who have so much have anything at all; and those who seem to have very little, often have so much more than we know.

Theodore the Dancing Christmas Horse, must survive pouring rain, mucky mud, unfriendly dogs and worst of all, rejection by his beloved owner, before he can find a new life; a life he has given up all hope of ever finding.

Once rescued, he is given a new name and learns many more valuable lessons. His new life brings a joyful heart that beats proudly for the amazing family who offer him a second chance to shine for those he loves, and who love him just as he is; “Patches” and all.

This first children’s book by LeNai LaRue (AKA Cyn Taylor) explores the life of Theodore before he is abandoned, and then rescued to become Patches. This book is faith-based and encompasses multiple life lessons geared toward children. A perfect gift for a child’s birthday or Christmas.