Truffles & Kisses

Smoky Mountain Magic Series Book One

Taryn Randolph can fly a plane, ride a horse, play a hammer dulcimer and cook a ten-course meal to rival a king’s feast. But risking her heart for love will be her greatest challenge. The feisty chef runs a successful dessert bistro and farm to table restaurant, yet she takes time to care for the homeless in her neighborhood. When the empty building between her two existing businesses comes up for lease, she jumps at the chance to sign a contract and establish a third culinary business connecting the three spaces. But the realtor is interested in more than just a business relationship and refusing his advances opens the door for an unexpected adversary to enter the race for rights to the empty space. A chance encounter brings three more men into Taryn's life; two of them live on the street while the other works on a horse farm. In the blink of an eye, Taryn goes from no men in her life to far too many.

Chase McBride is living the life of a Tennessee cowboy; unattached and free. His days consist of running fences on a horse farm astride his Percheron stallion, Bull, along with giving riding lessons. Tiring of the rich debutantes and spoiled teens who are often his students, he begins to long for a more satisfying lifestyle. His dream is to own a cattle ranch. Once he reaches his goal of becoming a published author, a goal that is right around the corner, he plans to make the move to Texas, buy a 500-acre spread, and become a real cowboy. When Taryn Randolph catches his eye, his thoughts turn away from Texas to a certain talented, petite, businesswoman.

The two are drawn together from their first encounter, only to be driven apart by deceit. Chase has a secret. A secret he plans to keep as long as possible, especially from the woman he has grown to love. Taryn has a low tolerance for secrets, particularly those that directly affect her, and are kept by a man she loves. To have any chance of a life together both must learn to share more of themselves rather than going it alone. A difficult transition for two very independent people.